Firewood OP and KC Area


11/12/2013  If you can’t reach me at my home phone (913 681 3291),  try my cell at 913 787 0025.

All firewood must be picked up. We do not deliver. Sold as “face” cords,  meaning that a cord bought here would be 4ft tall and 16ft in length.  Prices are as follows:

1/8 Cord. -  Stack of wood that is 2 feet tall and 4 feet long.  $35

1/4 Cord. -  Stack of wood that is 4 feet tall and 4 feet long.  $70

1/2 Cord. -  Stack of wood that is 4 feet tall and 8 feet long.  $135

No breaks on cords this year.  Sorry,  I just don’t have enough.


Firewood is located at 16225 mission rd in Overland Park. Go to 135th street and mission rd,  go south about 8 miles to 16225 mission rd.  (Please note: I live where the wood is sold, so if you call and catch me,  then I am open for business.  This includes weekends and evenings,  just make sure you talk to me before coming out).


Firewood is located on a small farm. Please call to arrange for me to be here to meet you at a time of your convenience. 913 681 3291   Please note: Bring cardboard with you to line the sides of your vehicle where the wood will be touching to avoid scratches etc. (Blankets or anything not capable of holding itself firmly will not be as helpful when protecting your sides).

You haul, you save! If you have a mini-van, pick up truck or even a bigger size car, you can buy a quarter or eighth of a cord at a time and be able to haul it home at substantial savings prices. *Please note you will need to load your own vehicle.  10/27/13 – I currently have only Oak firewood remaining for sale.  Also a limited amount of Hickory or Wild Cherry.

The tall row in back is a $70 quarter cord sold here. the front row is 5 bundles bought at QT for $5 each = $25. Compare!

Here you can view the wood you’re going to be burning, before you are obligated to purchase. No more getting stuck with whatever they brought you, having to wait for them to show up etc.


How to start a fire with the least hassle. A little common sense goes a long way when starting a fire. Use pieces of wood that are most likely to catch fire the easiest. This would be the pieces which look the oldest. Very importantly to choose pieces which have jagged edges. Split pieces which are thinnest work well. Think small to large. Start your fire with small stuff, kindling is best. Then add your split pieces with the jagged edges. The ones you would most likely get a splinter from. Don’t use pieces which haven’t been split. Then when your fire is going good and you’d rather see your wood not burn up so quickly, look for the pieces which haven’t been split. Also now is a good time to add the bigger pieces which are split, but still big. You’ll find all the types of pieces I have mentioned in what I sell.

Explanation of a face cord.The face cord came about when fireplaces stopped being able to hold a piece of firewood which is 2 feet in length.  It isn’t much extra trouble to cut a piece of firewood an extra 4 to 6 inches but of course it is when it involves having to cut a complete extra piece of firewood to make up for the lost space when firewood is cut at lengths less than 2 feet.  A true cord of firewood is 2 rows of firewood that are cut in lengths of 2 feet,   stacked 4 feet tall and 8 feet long.  A face cord is also 2 rows of firewood that are 4 feet tall and 8 feet long,  but the length of pieces are not a complete 2 feet in length,  they are less.


Make it easy for yourself when hauling a 1/4 cord in your mini-van by remembering to bring some cardboard to line your van sides with. The sides are the part that will be your biggest worry, because the wood will be stacked up against them. cardboard will protect the vehicle and cleans up easy when your done. (Its tough to hold a blanket up on the sides while trying to stack wood in at the same time. Cardboard will make it much easier.



Please note I live where the wood is sold, so if I am here I am more than happy to serve you.  That said: please call ahead so to assure I am here and that I will have your order ready for you.  You are not in any way obligated to purchase,  but I do need to know so I can get the amount stacked up as it must be measured before sale.

  Disclaimer: Please note that loading firewood can be a dangerous endeavor resulting in tripping on pieces of wood on the ground, or other such obstacles. By entering the property you understand the risks involved and further understand the owners of the property will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle or to your own person as a result of loading firewood. – In other words, you can get hurt loading firewood, though usually its a smashed finger or twisted ankle but in any case no matter how severe, you will pay for your own medical bills should that situation arise. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.   Submit ExpressSEO Tools